Optical Care

West Side Primary Eye Care
(815) 209-9642

Optical  services available at Crusader Community Health are provided by West Side Primary Eye Care, an independent and privately owned optometric practice.

For appointments and office hours patients should call West Side Primary Eye Care directly at (815) 209-9642.

As primary healthcare providers specializing in the eye and associated structures, West Side Primary Eye Care pledges to:

  • provide quality lifelong primary eye care for you and your family that is second to none,
  • maintain the highest standard of care through state of the art instrumentation and continued education,
  • provide comprehensive eye health care specializing in diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease and visual disorders,
  • maintain a clean, professional, compassionate, caring environment,
  • maintain passion for our profession and dedication to our patients and community.

For more information call or visit: www.primeeye.com