Leadership at Crusader

Continuing the Crusader tradition of high-quality primary health care delivered with dignity and respect.

Newly Appointed Crusader Leadership Team Steps off 2020!

The start of 2020 brought exciting news as Crusader Community Health began its 48th year! A new President and CEO, Samuel G. Miller, began January 1. In addition, each new and existing members of the Crusader Executive Leadership Team began the year with renewed optimism and steadfast passion for delivering highest-quality primary health care in the Rock River Valley.

Sam assumed the Crusader leadership role from retired, 32-year Crusader veteran Gordon Eggers Jr. Gordon was President and CEO from 2005 until the end of 2019. Before that he was a primary care provider at Crusader for 20 years. During Gordon’s tenure, Crusader grew significantly to serve the needs of over 58,000 patients in Rockford and surrounding areas.

Sam has been the Crusader Chief Financial Officer for 15 years. He has a deep understanding of Crusader patients, care providers, staff and financial processes. He wholeheartedly supports Crusader’s Mission.

This smooth transition was made possible from the years Gordon, Sam and the Crusader leadership team have worked side-by-side. During that entire time, the Crusader focus has been on patient-centered care and relevant outreach programs directed toward the communities served.

Crusader’s mission is to serve the Rock River Valley area with quality primary health care for all people in need. Crusader’s dedicated team of primary care providers will continue to treat patients with uncompromising care, dignity and respect.

Sam recently addressed the entire Crusader staff at an annual all clinic meeting, “We look forward to your continued focus of the Crusader mission to make our city and region a healthier place to live and work. We will remain dedicated to Crusader’s professional core values. It is with excitement and renewed spirit as a team that we begin the next chapter in Crusader’s rich history. Thank you to all…your hard work and dedication to our patients is vital to our ongoing success.”