2020 Spirit of Caring Nominations

Our 28th year to honor caring people and organizations in the communities we serve!


Nominate a caring individual or organization!

Nomination Deadline:
5 pm, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2020

Since 1992, the Crusader Community Health Foundation’s Spirit of Caring Awards have recognized caring individuals and organizations within our community.

LoRayne Logan, 2019 Spirit of Caring recipient

2020 Spirit of Caring Award
One individual recipient, one organization recipient.
Ideal candidates for nomination exhibit unique kindness and caring for others. Spirit of Caring Awards center on the length and breadth of service these individuals and organizations bring to the community. Examples of service for individuals should be outside of their regular employment.

2019 Spirit of Caring Organization

Tony Turner; 2019 Spirit-of-the-Future Recipient

Spirit-of-the-Future Award
One recipient.
The future of our community lies with our younger givers of time, talent and/or treasure. Nominate a person (18 to 40) who exhibits unique kindness and caring for others in our community outside of their regular employment; a future leader who demonstrates the Spirit of Caring today.

Click here to see listing of Spirit of Caring Recipients 1992-2019

2020 SPIRIT OF CARING Announcements
Normally, announcements would be made at Crusader Community Health Foundation’s annual Evening of Caring event. However, this year the event has been cancelled due to COVID-19. Even though we will not have our event this year, we felt it was even more critical to recognize individuals and organizations for their impact as caring leaders. We will again celebrate how the community benefits through their length and breadth of volunteer service outside of their employment. The unusual events of 2020 have demonstrated new levels of caring in our community. All awards will be presented though a virtual platform and recognized in print.

It’s easy to nominate!
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Here are the questions you will be asked to answer with the online nominating form:

1. Describe your nominee’s contribution to the community through their volunteer involvement in specific efforts, projects or organizations outside their working environment. For Organization/Business nomination, please describe the contribution to the community through specific efforts and projects

2. What is the impact of your nominee’s efforts and commitment within the community? Please give examples.

3.  Please describe in detail the depth and longevity of the nominee’s volunteering and involvement in their commitment to the community.

4.  Please include letters of support.

NOTE: It might help to compose your written nomination in a WORD document and then cut/paste into the online form. Remember to focus on your nominee’s community involvement outside their regular employment.