Crusader 2020 Annual Report

2020...a year of planned expansion and unexpected challenges.

Thank you to our many donors who support the mission of Crusader Community Health. For over 48 years, Crusader has quietly and respectfully provided access to high-quality and affordable medical, dental and behavioral healthcare.

Nearly 20% of area residents trust Crusader to be their primary health care resource. Crusader always strives to improve.

On behalf of Crusader, we honor our founders Dr. John McHugh, Barbara Roman and Joe Terranova for their vision back in 1972. And for the many, many people who have believed in and supported our mission. We happily share our 2020 Annual Report. We encourage you to read it and we welcome your comments.

Thank you to our Board of Directors for their leadership, our medical, dental and behavioral health teams for their professionalism and the hard work of each Crusader staff member. We simply could not exist without them!

And a special THANK YOU for your interest in Crusader Community Health.

Samuel G. Miller
President & CEO
Crusader Community Health

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