Bedside Manners At Crusader

Ideal Provider/Patient Interaction

OB provider with patientExceptional clinical care is the basis on which Crusader exists. Providers have one of the most intellectually challenging and emotionally charged jobs. Board certified is the entry card to work at Crusader. When coupled together, The Crusader Way along with following Mayo Clinic Behavioral Expectations* create outstanding patient care outcomes and distinguished clinicians.

Confident: Our manner engender trust and gives our patients confidence. We are neither arrogant nor egotistical, but quietly competent.

Empathetic: We try to understand what our patients are feeling and experiencing, both physically and emotionally; and communicate to the patient our understanding of their feelings.

Humane: We are caring, compassionate, helpful and kind.

Personal: Not only do we try to find out about our patients’ health but also their activities and home life to help provide better care. We remember our patients as individuals.

Forthright: We speak in plain language and in a forthright manner.

Respectful: We take our patients seriously and encourage their input in determining the best treatment plan.

Thorough: We are conscientious and persistent.

As Crusader Community Health providers we strive to:

  • Build positive relationships with staff and patients and to set a positive example for al to follow.
  • Continually improve our clinical competence and behavioral skill sets.
  • Advocate on behalf of our patients and their interests.
  • Adopt Evidence Based Medicine and quality measures system-wide.
  • Work to improve patient safety.
  • Increase coordinated team care and innovation in healthcare delivery (and increasingly focus on preventing illness, not just treating illness).
  • Increase our own leadership development.

*Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic – Inside one of the Wold’s Most Named Service Organizations  L. Berry & K Seltmean, McGraw Hill, 2008