Crusader Appointment Availability

Appointments are available

at Crusader Community Health!

New Telehealth Appointments are safe and easy.


In this time of uncertainty, many Crusader patients might find themselves, or a loved one, needing a healthcare professional for non-emergency needs. We appreciate the trust you put into Crusader care providers.

There is no need to suffer, worry, have unanswered questions or avoid seeking proper care until the COVID-19 outbreak is diminished or over. Appointments are available for you.

Just call us at 815.490.1600
You may qualify for a Crusader Telehealth (telephone) Appointment.
Your healthcare provider team will decide if this is a better option for you.

If you make an in-person appointment, please WEAR A FACE MASK and COME ALONE to your appointment.

If you need assistance getting to a Crusader appointment, please understand others may not be allowed to accompany you through your appointment.

Minor children will be allowed only one parent or guardian to accompany them at this time. For everyone’ s safety and protection, no other adults or siblings can come to a minor child’s appointment.

Please click on the images below to learn how to wear and make face masks.

Wearing A Face Mask

Sewing A Face Mask