Crusader Open Air Treatment Centers

Suspect you may have COVID-19?



Your telephone representative will direct your call to your medical provider’s office or that of an available provider. They may need to return your call…usually within two hours.

For your safety, plus that of other patients and Crusader staff, you may be directed to one of Crusader’s Open Air Treatment Centers.

If directed to an Open Air Treatment Center, you may be asked to remain in your vehicle until your appointment time.

You will be seen by a Crusader medical provider. If your symptoms warrant, you will be tested for COVID-19. Your provider will advise you when to expect the results.

Please WEAR A FACE MASK and COME ALONE to your appointment. If you need assistance getting to a Crusader Open Air Treatment Center, please understand others will not be allowed to accompany you through your appointment.

Please click on the images below to learn how to wear and make face masks.

Wearing A Face Mask

Sewing A Face Mask

No-Sew Face Mask