Patients Can Now Access Care Using
CRUSADER teleHEALTH Appointments.


Many patients might find themselves, or a loved one, needing a healthcare professional for non-emergency needs.

There is no need to suffer, worry,
have unanswered questions or
avoid seeking proper care
until the COVID-19 outbreak
is diminished or over.

Patients may find a CRUSADER teleHEALTH APPOINTMENT the perfect solution.

It’s simple!

(1) Call 815.490.1600
(2) Schedule an appointment as you normally would.

For the safety of both patient and healthcare provider, most appointments can be teleHEALTH visits. These might be telephone visits or visits using a variety of video tools such as smartphones, tablets or computers. Together, the patient and medical provider team will decide what technology works best. They may also decide an in-person visit is needed.

If you need to be seen in person, Crusader medical providers will make arrangements and keep your safety and well-being top priorities.



To prepare for your Crusader teleHEALTH visit,
please watch the video. It is in English with Spanish subtitles.

For those coming to any Crusader facility at the present time, we ask that you
If you need assistance, you may only bring ONE person.

See Adjusted Crusader Hours as of MAY 26, 2020

Until the COVID-19 outbreak is resolved,
Crusader has temporarily discontinued  Saturday appointments.