Crusader at South Beloit JHS

Crusader Community Health at SOUTH BELOIT JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL

840 Blackhawk Boulevard   South Beloit, IL 61080

Crusader Community Health at South Beloit Junior High School is a school-based health center located next to the District 320 Administration office. Crusader offers dental healthcare services.

Crusader is located within South Beloit JHS. The entrance is off Glenwood Avenue next to the South Beloit School District 320 offices.

Dental Services provided by Crusader Community Health

  • All Crusader dental care services for District 320 are provided at South Beloit JHS.
  • Preventative care includes: Routine and annual dental exams, Cleanings, Fluoride Treatments, X-rays
  • Restorative care includes: Filings, Crowns, Extractions


It’s easy to make a dental appointment at Crusader Community Health South Beloit Junior High. There are two ways:
(1) Call Crusader Central Scheduling at (815) 490-1600 and ask for an appointment at that location.
(2) Visit your School Nurse office and ask for a referral to the clinic.

The school-based health center is open to all District 320 students, employees and their immediate families. Students can be seen during school hours, even if a parent is unable to attend the appointment because of work commitments or lack of transportation. Parents enroll their children for these services.

Healthy kids are better students.  Healthy students do better in school. Healthy students have higher attendance rates. They also have better behavior in school and higher levels of achievement. We’re here to help.

CLICK HERE to see the Crusader services and hours at South Beloit High School.