Crusader Auburn HS Campus

1002 North Pierpont Avenue • Rockford, IL 61101

A School-Based Health Center
For all kids…newborn to 18!

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1002 North Pierpont Avenue   Rockford, IL 61101

OPEN EVERY WEEKDAY, even when school is not in session.

We are only closed on National Holidays.  Perfect for back-to-school physicals!!

The center is a fully staffed, professional health and dental care facility. It is a combined project of Rockford Public Schools, Crusader Community Health, Rosecrance Health Network, and Edgebrook Primary Eye Care.

Crusader Community Health Auburn Campus offers medical, dental, vision, and behavioral care. Staff members also provide nutritional and wellness education. Professionals at this facility encourage students to improve their overall health and wellness through screenings and disease prevention.

Medical/Dental Services
Services provided by Crusader Community Health

  • Physical exams including sports and school physicals
  • Immunizations
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute illness and injury
  • Diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions
  • Prescription/dispensing medications for common illnesses and disorders
  • Nutrition counseling and education
  • Limited reproductive health services(10.7.13)-Crusader_Clinic-LO-34
  • Basic lab tests
  • Optometric (eye testing) services
  • Dental services

Behavioral Health Services
Services provided by Rosecrance Health Network

  • Behavioral risk management
  • Crisis intervention and connection with appropriate intervention services
  • Screen for substance abuse and mental health services
  • Intervention and education services
  • Provide direct referral services if needed(4.22.14)-Crusader_Clinic_2-WEB-29

Health Education

  • Individual health education for students
  • Group education
  • Family and community education
  • Education for school staff members
  • Nutrition counseling and education

Parent Consent
Parents must sign a parental consent form before any medical, dental, optical or behavioral services are provided.  This is particularly important if services are needed/given without a parent present.

It’s easy to make an appointment at the Auburn HS School-Based Health Center. There are two ways:

(1) Call the Crusader Call Center at (815) 490-1600 and ask for an appointment at that location.

(2) Visit your school nurse’s office and ask for a referral to the clinic. This can be done at any Rockford Public School.

The School-Based Health Center is open to children 18 years old or younger. Young children who are not of school age are welcome.  Students can be seen during school hours, even if a parent is unable to attend the appointment because of work commitments or lack of transportation.

It’s Just For Kids!
Health services provided at this facility are meant to help the 3000+ students from the area around Auburn High School who attend Rockford schools. However, students from any Rockford Public School can come to the Crusader Auburn HS facility.

It is open every weekday, even when school is not in session. We are only closed on School Snow Emergency Days and National Holidays. Call Crusader Community Health with questions or to schedule an appointment (815) 490-1600. Crusader Community Health Auburn Campus is a school based health center located next to the Auburn High School field house. 

Healthy Kids Are Better Students
Healthy students do better in school. Healthy students have higher attendance rates. They also have better behavior in school and higher levels of achievement. We’re here to help.