The New Crusader on West State Street

Building on the past. Looking forward to the future!

Crusader To Build a New Clinic at 1200 West State Street

Crusader Community Health, a local non-profit federally qualified health center, provides primary medical, dental and behavioral health care. The Crusader mission has always focused on meeting the healthcare needs of everyone in the communities we serve.

During its 47-year history,Crusader Community Health has responded to the diverse healthcare needs of one in five area residents. Over the years there has been a steady growth in patients served by Crusader. In 2018, Crusader served over 57,000 individual patients from eight locations.

What is the scope of this exciting project?

Crusader on West State Street remains the center of the Crusader network of care. The decision has been made to build a new facility, rather than continually renovate and update the 90-year old, outdated structure. This means Crusader will be able to meet the healthcare service needs of patients today and well into the future.

Where will the new facility be located?

BUILDING ON THE PAST! Crusader is fully committed to our current location! The new Crusader Community Health on West State Street will occupy space now used as the employee parking lot. Acquired properties east of the current structure will be used also. The new structure will have a significant presence on the recently widened and improved West State Street corridor. The unique Rotary Labyrinth Park at the corner of State and Avon, as well as Crusader’s beautiful Muldoon Grove area, will remain.

Why is this project needed?

LOOKING FORWARD TO THE FUTURE! The current three-story facility, built in 1929, was designed as a school. While updates and renovations have been made throughout the years, the future of medical collaborative care requires exam rooms and patient areas be larger. Hallways need to be wider. Ramps and elevators need to be easier to maneuver. Maintaining multiple floors for patient care, dealing with old heating and air-conditioning systems, as well as integrating IT infrastructure, continues to be challenging and expensive.

When will the construction start?

Plans are to begin construction during the summer of 2019. Once the final move occurs, the present clinic structure will become beautiful green space and parking for both patients and employees. The project completion goal is Fall 2020.

What services will be offered?

The new West State Street clinic will include direct primary care services:

– Pediatric
– Women’s Health
– Adult Medical
– Pediatric and Adult Dental
– Rockford Family Eyecare
– Crusader Community Connections
– Behavioral Health
– Walgreens Pharmacy
– Routine Laboratory Services

Crusader Administration and Crusader Community Health Foundation will remain at the new West State Street location.

How much will this project cost?

Early estimates indicate total cost of the new facility including land acquisition, construction and equipment will be $12 – $14 million.

In recent years, Crusader’s strategic planning has focused on eventually replacing the West State Street clinic with a new, modern building. Crusader’s Board of Directors and management team have planned, saved and invested wisely with this goal in mind.

Crusader plans to build this project without the help of federal or state grants or local medical partners.

How can you help Crusader with this project?

The generosity of the community is the cornerstone to Crusader’s ongoing service.

Crusader Community Health Foundation is very excited to be looking toward the future and will soon be announcing a fundraising opportunity regarding this exciting community investment opportunity.

There are many ways to support the future of Crusader including annual pledges and special gifts that help Crusader patients in so many ways. Community giving helps fund special projects that would otherwise draw from Crusader’s reserves.

Continuing to be a friend of Crusader is the best way to insure high quality healthcare services are delivered to everyone in our community.