Adults and children who need hospital admission are cared for by a hospitalist physician. Patients choose the local hospital they prefer with their Crusader care provider (Mercyhealth, OSF St. Anthony or SwedishAmerican). After discharge, the Crusader primary care provider (PCP) will continue care at a Crusader facility.

Crusader Women’s Health physicians and midwives are on staff at SwedishAmerican Hospital. Our outstanding Women’s Health Service staff will deliver your baby at SwedishAmerican.

Certified Nurse Midwives are available for non-complicated deliveries, with back up by Crusader and SwedishAmerican obstetricians. Our obstetricians perform C-Sections and do gynecological surgery. Crusader obstetrical providers will provide your primary surgical care at SwedishAmerican Hospital.

If you go to the Emergency Room, tell the ER staff you are a Crusader patient. Once ER services are provided, you will be referred back to us, along with your records.

DID YOU KNOW… you can be seen at some Crusader locations without an appointment?

Crusader offers CrusaderNOW!, a walk-in, no appointment needed clinic for kids and adults.  Three locations are open Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm and Saturday: 8:30 – noon.

You don’t have to be a current Crusader patient to come to CrusaderNOW!

If you have possible symptoms of COVID-19 or have questions about COVID-19 testing, please call us at 815-490-1600 before coming to any Crusader location. We can discuss the best options for your healthcare needs.