Medical Home (PCMH)

It’s All About You And Your Personalized Care!

A Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a proven approach to comprehensive primary care for children, adolescents, and adults. TOGETHER, patients and Crusader providers set specific and realistic goals:

  • Be proactive with patient care.
  • Improve access to care.
  • Coordinate care and provide follow-up.
  • Identify and support high risk patients.
  • Ask patients to identify their own health goals.
  • Manage transitions between healthcare settings.

CCH provider and patient

Maximizing health is a lot more than just one appointment, a building or home healthcare service. It is a team of people who form a partnership with a patient and, when appropriate, family members.

CCH Provider and patient 3


You’ll Get Attention & Great Care!
All your healthcare providers at Crusader are American trained, board certified, or board eligible. Each is experienced and has passed some very difficult national tests. No volunteer doctors are used at Crusader to provide medical or dental services. Crusader staff includes doctors, dentists, Certified Physician Assistants (PA), Advanced Practice Nurses (APN), Certified Midwives (CMW) and Doctors of Pharmacology, better know as pharmacists.

Crusader utilizes best practice standards of care, based on scientific studies, to manage your care and to help you feel as good as possible.  

CCH provider and patient 5As your PCMH, Crusader will:

  • remind you of appropriate preventative services
  • monitor your chronic illness
  • coordinate your care after a hospital stay
  • offer educational resources for you to learn about your health
  • assist you with scheduling appointments with specialists for your physical and mental health, plus coordinate your care, empower you to maintain your health and independence by participating in your care.

You are an important partner in your care! Please help Crusader care providers and staff understand:

  • your full medical and dental history
  • a complete list of medications you take, including over the counter drugs you take regularly
  • all allergies you have experienced
  • the results of recent lab tests
  • recent hospitalizations, trips to the ER or visits with specialists