President's Message


Since 1972, The Crusader Way has been a major part of our community safety net, providing excellent medical and dental care one patient at a time.

Crusader has honored its founders by quietly and effectively providing high-quality medical and dental care to those in our community who have little insulation and even less in their purse and wallet.

Today, the wonderfully caring and extremely skilled staff of Crusader has worked hard to modernize and increase access for our neighbors in need. Crusader’s funding is only about 16% federal money (health center costs are only 1.5% of Federal and State Medicaid dollars), yet we continue to innovate and sustain key programs.

Crusader pays homage to our humble roots by getting it done with limited financial resources and great people capital. During the past year, Crusader cared for over 57,000 individual patients and provided over 230,000 patient visits. There were over 25,000 children, most of who are at or below the poverty level. In the past year, we helped deliver 1,099 babies with our exceptional Woman’s Health Service team! Even as Crusader filled an economic medical need, our great dental staff cared for over 13,500 patients (of which 7,000 were children). At the same time, Crusader provided medical care and a helping hand to over 1,200 homeless individuals.

For 46 years, Crusader has been more than just a doctor’s office. The integrity and character of our organization and employees provides our patients with safety, help, respect and love. As a patient said to me, “Crusader is good people taking care of good people.”

Thanks for supporting our mission to make our corner of the universe a better place to live. Thanks for being our partner!

Gordon Eggers, Jr.
President & CEO
Crusader Community Health