CEO Message

Continuing to Access Care during the COVID-19 National Emergency

As we enter our 12th week responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to refine and enhance the ways we offer care.

To ensure patients receive quality, accessible care during this pandemic, we have provided:

  • 27,000 medical, dental, and behavioral health visits
  • 45% of the 27,000 visits have been telehealth visits
  • answered phone calls helping over 66,000 patients
  • administered over 5,200 COVID-19 tests at our Community Testing Site at Auburn High School…plus, another 850 tests in our clinics.

Impressive results from a very service-oriented and patient-focused team!

Our region recently entered into Stage 3 of Illinois Governor Pritzker’s plan to re-open the state. As the state guidelines ease restrictions, we have been working to return our operations to pre-pandemic levels.

The goal continues: to increase access to care while we significantly limit risks to our patients, employees and guests.

Our plan moving forward consists of the following:

  • engage and encourage our patients to come on-site for care
  • safely transition care for patients with acute respiratory concerns from an
    external (tent) to internal (face-to-face in clinic) environment
  • expand our capacity to serve those in our community currently out of care
  • return to financial sustainability

We see this as being a slow, but steady and very attainable, process. We will keep you up to date as plans move ahead.

To reach your care team at Crusader call 815.490.1600.

We want to help you with your healthcare needs. I are very grateful to be part of a tremendous healthcare team serving our community!

Samuel G. Miller
President & CEO
Crusader Community Health