President & CEO Message

New Crusader on West Street Opens!

Monday, February 1, 2021…an exciting day for our community and the West State Street corridor!  We will see our first patient at the NEW Crusader Community Health on West State.  Crusader was founded at 1200 West State Street nearly five decades ago.  We are proud to continue to provide high quality care at this same address a half century later.

The vision to create a modern health care facility on the west side was conceptualized many years ago.  In February 2018, we took the first major step forward.  Our leadership team formally presented the $16 million concept to our board of directors. One of the questions our board asked us during the presentation was how this project would contribute to making Rockford a healthier community.  We believe our answer that evening will be evident when our guests walk through our doors.

The overall goal is to impact the health of the community through accessible, high-quality primary health care.  To that end, our patients will enter a building designed to be barrier free and accommodating to patients and families.  No more ramps to navigate, stairs to climb or confusing wayfinding.  They will find a skillfully designed first floor with 32 exam rooms, five dental operatories, a lab with four draw stations – even a Walgreens pharmacy.

Our Community Connections program, also conveniently located on the first floor, will assist our patients with an array of helpful community services.  Finally, Rockford Family Eye Care is located on the second floor with easy access to the elevator,

We are very excited to expand our CrusaderNOW! walk-in service to our West State location.  Now patients visiting the West State Street facility will have a choice between a scheduled appointment or the convenience of a walk-in appointment.

Our employees will work in an environment specifically designed to provide modern health care services.  Work areas have been created to encourage teamwork – a critical component of high-quality care and decision making.  Conference and training rooms are designed to inspire learning and innovation.

Our community will continue to see an organization committed to serving.  The modern building will help us further improve the quality of health throughout our community – especially for those who experience barriers to care.

Our decision to rebuild our clinic and leadership offices on West State is strong evidence of the passion that we have to serve and be connected with our patients and community.

We are planning a big community open house for the spring – I hope you will be able to join us.  Next time when you visit us at West State, I am confident that you will agree the investment in our patients, employees and community is creating dividends for all!

Samuel G. Miller
President & CEO
Crusader Community Health