The Crusader Way

Values Led, Mission Driven Core Values-in-Action of all Crusader Staff
Women's Health Team at Crusader on Broadway

Women’s Health Team at Crusader on Broadway

  • We believe in the Mission and Vision of Crusader Community Health.
  • These values reflect our personal and organizational integrity, coupled with a vibrant and integral Servant Leadership Philosophy.
  • These core values guide our thoughts, personal development and daily actions with each other and our patient guests. They are WHO WE ARE.

Mission Directed and Value Centered

  • We act from time honored principals and a deep belief in the good of people.
  • We understand that every action we take tells something about our personal value system, and Crusader as an organization. We understand we are here to help people.
  • We understand that a strong foundation of values and competence will deliver outstanding outcomes.

The Five C’s

  • We exemplify the Five C’s of Character, Competence, Chemistry (teamwork) and Compassion, while working to make Crusader a tremendous Community asset.
  • We know these values create success at work and in life.


  • We understand that Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.
  • We understand we’ve got to get this together.
  • We emphasize teamwork, shared responsibility, trust and a goal of meaningful relationships with each other and our patients.
  • We emphasize a family sense of belonging. We bend over backwards to help each other and create better outcomes.

The Power of ONE

  • We understand the Power of ONE person to make a difference. At the same time, we believe in the Power of ONE multiplied by all of us working together creates better results and pushes forward our mission.
  • We remain optimistic, yet realistic through our daily struggles.

Hope, Trust and Respect

  • We give our patients hope.
  • We show our patients and fellow staff respect.
  • We work to build positive relationships.
  • We help connect our disconnected patients.
  • We understand the concept of Trust Is Everything.

Easy To Do Business With

  • We pull down barriers and find ways for our patients to easily work with us.
  • We work to be easy to do business with patients, as well as internal and external customers.


We have a shared understanding that everyone works hard, everyone is important to our mission, and all thoughtful opinions and solutions are valued. We are trustworthy and understand the confidence we place in each other as teammates.


We are culturally aware. We value and respect other people for their differences, not in spite of them. We are nonjudgmental and work with our patients at many levels to help them succeed. We recognize our fellow employees’ differences and how they enhance our decisions in care.

Forward Thinking and Acting

  • We understand the need to be adaptable, look for multiple solutions and thoughtfully seek better ways to run Crusader. We adopt, adjust and overcome on a daily basis.
  • We practice humility in that we understand we don’t know everything. We work hard to improve every day.


  • We are individually answerable for our conduct, responsibilities and results. Achieving such is done with integrity at all times.
  • Individually and as teammates, we practice ownership of a problem and find a way to creation a solution or solutions.
  • We Find A Way (to answer questions and care for our patients).


  • We enjoy crafting a caring, effective and outstanding team.
  • We take quiet pride in continually building our individual expertise.
  • We maintain a high level of professionalism at all times.


  • We are kind, friendly, empathetic and work to alleviate the fears and needs of others. We understand the therapeutic power of caring.
  • We understand that kindness, coupled with competence, can go a long way.

Patients First

  • We roll out the welcome mat for our patients.
  • It’s simple. We just care!
  • We treat our patients like we want to be treated.
  • We meet our patients “where they are at”. We are here when they need us.
  • We work to create mutual trust and respect with our patients.
  • We work with our patients to make decision we mutually agree are in their best interest.
  • We understand our mission involves placing our patients’ needs first, thus creating a special place for them to receive care.
  • We work to empower our patients.


  • We are enthusiastic about working at Crusader and truly making a difference in the lives of our patients and fellow employees.
  • We take the attitude that no job is too small for us to help each other.
  • We encourage humor, happiness and smiles at work.

Faith and Hope

We understand the importance of faith and hope in our daily work and in the healing process for our patients.