Insurance Help

For assistance to enroll in Medicaid, All Kids, or Marketplace insurance, call 815-490-1600.

Medicaid and All Kids enrollment are open all year round.

What we can do for you:

  • Provide Medicaid Managed Care plan information and assist with Primary Care Provider selection
  • Explain health insurance exchange options for Marketplace
  • Add newborns to Medicaid plans within a 30-day time frame
  • Assist families who have recently relocated to update their coverage to a locally accepted plan

Don’t risk losing your health insurance.

To keep your insurance, Illinois Medicaid needs to be able to send you paperwork. Give them an address where mail can always reach you. Please make sure Medicaid has your updated contact information by visiting here. 

Illinois Health Benefits for Immigrants 42 Years or Older.

Enrollment for immigrant health coverage closes Saturday, July 1:

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