Pharmacy Services

Crusader Community Health has partnered with Walgreens to provide Crusader patients affordable, discounted prescriptions.

Crusader patients without prescription insurance coverage will be offered discount prescriptions through Walgreens at Crusader located at 1200 West West State Street and 21 area locations.

To qualify for the discounted prescription pricing, the prescription must be written by a Crusader provider and filled at a participating Walgreens. The discount program includes nearly 14,000 medications and is made possible through the federal 340B program.

Crusader chose Walgreens because of their dedication to quality customer care. Walgreens has been serving customers for over 100 years and has convenient locations throughout our region including the 24-hour store on Charles Street in Rockford.

Walgreens at Crusader on West State Street

wag_AtTheCorner.epsThe former Crusader pharmacy at West State Street is now a Walgreens Pharmacy. All Crusader pharmacy records from West State have been transferred to the new Walgreens located inside our West State Street clinic. Now Crusader patients are part of the Walgreens network of pharmacies.

Walgreens Kiosk Now at Crusader on Broadway

The traditional Crusader pharmacy at Broadway has closed. All Crusader on Broadway pharmacy records have been transferred to the closest Walgreens at Kishwaukee & 15th Avenue. Now that Crusader patient records are in the Walgreen’s system, patients can choose the store at Kishwaukee & 15th Street or go to any Walgreens pharmacy that is most convenient or closest to their home or work.

Walgreens has installed an innovative kiosk stocked with a limited amount of commonly prescribed drugs at Crusader on Broadway.

kiosk_Guy WebIt’s Easy as 1-2-3
1. Touch the screen to begin to fill a new or refill prescription
2. Insert your prescription and insurance card (if insured)
3. Pay with a credit or debit card to get your prescription

Ask your medical or dental provider if your prescription is available in the Walgreens pharmacy kiosk and try it on your next visit. The pharmacy kiosk does not contain cash, controlled substances or reconstitutable medications.

What is the Walgreens pharmacy kiosk?
The Walgreens Pharmacy kiosk is an interactive, fully automated medication-dispensing kiosk.

How does it work?
Touch the screen to be connected to a live, remote Walgreens pharmacist. The pharmacist will walk you through all the steps for new and refill prescriptions. Scan your insurance card (for first-time prescriptions), and then pay with a credit or debit card. Your prescription/s will then be dispensed.

What are the Walgreens Pharmacy kiosk’s hours?
The kiosk hours are the same as Crusader on Broadway. After hours prescriptions can be filled at a local Walgreens pharmacy.

Is my medication verified?
Yes, the Walgreens pharmacist verifies all information and is compliant with Illinois pharmacy regulations.

Can my doctor send my prescriptions electronically to the Walgreens pharmacy kiosk?
Ask your doctor to electronically send your prescription to the Walgreens Pharmacy kiosk on site. They will check to see if your medication is stocked in the machine.

How do I know if the Walgreens pharmacy kiosk has my medication?
Ask your Crusader doctor or staff member to check the stock of the machine.

What if the Walgreens pharmacy kiosk does not have my medication?
If your medication is not in stock, we will work with you to transfer your prescription to an alternate Walgreens pharmacy of your choice.

How do I request refills for a prescription previously filled at a different Walgreens?
This is just like going to any other Walgreens pharmacy. Simply provide your prescription number or drug name to the on-screen pharmacist.

Will my insurance cover prescriptions filled through the Walgreens pharmacy kiosk?
Yes, all insurance plans accepted by Walgreens will be accepted at the kiosk. Medicare Part B is the only plan that is currently NOT accepted.

Can I get Balance® Rewards points for the prescriptions I get filled?
Yes, you will receive the same Balance® Reward points at the kiosk that you would in stores, 100 points for each prescription.