Payment Assistance

Connections Staff

As an advocate for the medically under-served, Crusader seeks to provide healthcare for all, regardless of the ability to pay. If you have limited insurance or no coverage at all, Crusader is able to help.

Crusader is a Federally Qualified Community Health Center and offers discounts to patients based on family size and income. You may be eligible for a discount if you are not covered by an insurance plan or have limited insurance. To be considered for a discount, simply provide proof of income.

Discount levels on eligible services are evaluated annually. There is a co-pay fee due for each medical visit, as well as each dental, optical and podiatry visit, regardless of any eligible discount.

Crusader also accepts Illinois Health Connect, Medicaid, Medicare and many private insurance plans.


  • Crusader accepts Medicaid Managed Care plans, Meridian Health Plan, IlliniCare, Molina, Blue Cross Community as well as Medicaid and All Kids, Medicare, several Marketplace Insurance Plans and most Commercial Health Insurance plans.
  • Crusader can provide assistance in completing applications for Medicaid or other benefits.
  • Payment assistance discounts are available based on your ability to pay, family size and income. To be considered for a discount you simply provide proof of income. Discount levels are 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% on eligible services, and are re-evaluated annually.
  • For those receiving a payment assistance discount, there is a minimum $20 fee due for each medical visit and a minimum $30 fee due for each dental, optical or podiatry (foot care) visit, regardless of discount. This cannot be waived, however we will see you if you have an urgent problem or have been recently hospitalized.
  • Some services are not eligible for a discount, such as eyewear and dental procedures involving dentures, partials and root canals.
  • Crusader discounts are only available for services in our system. They do not apply to referrals outside our system, emergency room care nor hospital admissions. You can contact the hospital or specialist to discuss receiving a possible discount or to set up a payment program for your hospital care.
  • Most laboratory and radiology tests ordered and processed at our facility are eligible for discounts for patients without insurance.